By Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor; Customer Service & Communication Expert; President, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training


Most business owners know that customers will walk and take their business elsewhere if they’re not treated as they’d like to be. But how does a business owner find out what the customer really likes or dislikes? Surveys are “OK” but in my opinion, not 100% on target.

Your customers have told Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training what they won’t tell you. Here are TEN things only your best friend will tell you. (By the way, that would be us).

 Dear Telephone Doctor –

1.   Nobody greeted me when I walked into your store. No one said, “Hello,” no one asked if they could help me, and no one said goodbye when I walked out. Well, at least I wasn’t any trouble.

2.   Your sales staff looked tired. Yea, they did. Otherwise why wouldn’t they greet me with a big smile and some enthusiasm? It didn’t look like they even wanted me in the place.

3.   I bought a lot of stuff. I couldn’t believe no one said, “Thank you.” No one told me to enjoy my purchase. I did get a luke warm, “Have a nice day.” But it was said so routinely, it didn’t mean anything to me.

4.   When I phoned for some information, my call was treated as an annoyance. I sensed very little desire to be of any real help. Know what I did then? I called a few more places until I found one who sounded as though they wanted my order.

5.   Whoever answered your phone never identified themselves. I happen to like to know who I’m talking with (they sure wanna know mine) and when I don’t, it hurts any trust I might give your company.

6.   During the phone call, the voice of whoever answered sounded aggressive and challenging. I didn’t feel very welcomed.

7.   When I walked in, all your employees were talking and laughing amongst themselves and ignored me until I asked a question. And then it was as though they were upset; as though I interrupted them.

8.   There was no management around. Remember the old saying, “when the boss is away, the mice will play.” Guess what? They do.

9.   When I told your staff about my problem, which was important to me, no one sympathized with me. It was ‘business as usual’ for them.

10.   Everyone looked angry. No one was smiling.

Remember, sometimes it’s the things you ‘don’t do’ that make me want to go elsewhere.

Thanks for listening.

Your Customer

We all know these are basic common sense topics, but we also know that basic common sense isn’t too common. 


Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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