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Nancy Friedman is hands down an amazingly talented and funny woman. She made an impact on my work & personal life, as to how to approach certain situations, conversations. She delivered a strong presentation that was informative, funny, intelligent and metaphorical. I was captivated and amazed by her knowledge energy & happiness. I’d love to attend another presentation! Nancy, you rock! 

“I attended your sessions at the Goodyear conference I really  got a tremendous amount of good information.  I went in thinking I was fine on the phone. Left knowing I needed much work. Thank you.”

“What an outstanding session with Nancy at our Texas Realtors conference. An engaging and lively speaker who brings wisdom and wit to her presentation.”

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“Nancy was fantastic. Hands down the best speaker at the APRO show. The Telephone Doctor was spot on & shined a light on the ART OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. It was a privilege to be in her program.”

“The legendary Nancy Friedman’s turn on the main stage was one of the highlights of an excellent NAHU National Convention. An entertaining and polished speaker.”

“Nancy was amazing! Hiring her to share her wisdom with my team was one of the best decisions I have made. I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of her programs twice and I still think she is one of the best guest speakers out there.”

“Your program at AOCA/CAR WASH SHOW, was fantastic. A great value add!”

“Nancy came out swinging with straight talk laced with humor and a down-to-earth delivery. Never failing to deliver, whether it is in her Customer Service Telephone Doctor Training videos, her spot-on keynotes or face-to-face conversations; you know you have been served when Nancy is on the line!”

“Nancy’s quick wit and sense of humor quickly turned our cautious audience into a highly engaged, eager to learn participants. She gave an exceptional presentation on common sense techniques that are, unfortunately, not commonly practiced. Nancy possesses a highly contagious enthusiasm for taking care of customers. If only we had her hanging our offices everyday… “

“Another terrific set of sessions with the ADI team! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you!”

“Upbeat and on point Nancy delivered an outstanding message with remarkable narratives. I highly recommend hearing her message.”

“Nancy Friedman is without a doubt an expert on how to treat people in business. Her experience, enthusiasm, knowledge and training is a must have for any organization!”

“You are truly the most engaging speaker I have encountered.  We skipped 2 other sessions to see your second program.”

“Nancy was so well received at our franchise conference, we invited her to come back the very next year.”

“Our feedback keeps coming in, you were terrific at the Dish show.”

“In walks Nancy! She has them in the palm of her hand from the moment she takes the stage! Education at its best with humor, compassion and common sense at its heart!”

“As our keynote speaker, Nancy was thoroughly engaging and provided such invaluable information to our franchisees.”

“Amazing, inspirational and mind blowing. Could have listened to you for hours.”

“Nancy was, and is, engaging, funny, clever and delivers a fantastic customer service message. She exceeded my expectations.”

“Nancy’s message and high energy captivated the audience; what a terrific presentation. It’s great when you can learn something and be entertained at the same time.”

“Energetic, engaging, intelligent, relevant, and utterly entertaining. She is definitely on my “We Need to Have Her Back” list!”

“You ended the conference on such a high note and had the whole group energized and laughing. The ratings for your presentation were all very high – a great testament to you.”

“I cannot recommend Nancy enough and encourage any organization that has customers to have her deliver her powerful customer service programs to your team. She was amazing.”

“Our National Business Conference was met with great accolades for both content and humor. Your approach hit home with everyone attending and created a huge buzz leading us into what I call our Season of Customer Experience Excellence. I would highly recommend this program to everyone who deals with the public.

“Nancy offers a refreshing reminder; important communication practices that positively influence customer perceptions of your business. Thank you!”

“Nancy is an amazing lesson in customer service. A 3-year in a row speaker, our attendees love her so much, we had to close registration for her sessions to not overbook the seating capacity”

“Nancy’s presentation at the GMA Consumer Complaints Conference was one of the best I have ever seen!”

“You gave one of the most valuable talks MDRT has ever presented!”

“We attended Nancy’s session at IFA – 7 Traits of a Successful Leader. We loved her message so much we booked Nancy for our Regis Franchise Convention to speak to our franchisees.”

“Nancy’s keynote at our Women in Business meeting at our Brandsource conference was a great program. Highly recommend this for any woman wanting to succeed in today’s business world.”

“Thank you for two superb sessions, a fantastic delivery and the tools to hold ourselves accountable. The programs were exactly what we were hoping for!”

“A lady in the afternoon session stopped me to tell me you gave the best presentation she had heard in 30 years.”

“I absolutely loved your session! You were the BEST speaker of the weekend!”

“Your presentation was wonderful and truly accomplished the goals that we had discussed!”

“From the moment Nancy’s program started, she captivated our entire 500 person audience at our annual franchising conference. We loved having you.”

“In the eight years I have been the executive director for CAI Heartland, I have never seen a better presentation or heard my members laugh so hard!
Nancy was nothing short of speculator!”

“I saw Nancy present a keynote session at our conference for American National and she is sensational.”

“Nancy was amazing, fun, educational, creative, spontaneous, and full of life. I loved her presentation. By far the best of the presentations.”

“I’ve been coming to these Real Estate One conferences for 27 years. Nancy was the best speaker ever.”

“Nancy’s ability to send a strong message in a heartwarming and hilarious fashion will amaze any group.”

“A major thumbs up. Nancy’s dynamic webinar presentation on the Golden Nuggets of Customer Service provided practical real-world techniques to help our members capture more business.”

“Your presentation this morning was fantastic! I’ve heard from several managers who plan to work with their hospital teams to implement your techniques for improving client service. Thank you for sharing your electrifying personality, energy and content with us.”

“Nancy gave wonderful tips that can be applied right away. I loved that the speaker’s notes could be used in both business and personal lives. I would listen to her speak again!”

 “The way Nancy built an honest rapport with her audience of Minuteman Press franchise owners at the World Expo in Las Vegas was simply an art form in and of itself.”

“Nancy knocked it out of the park. Every Golden Nugget discussed was identifiable, relatable and now curable with her tips & tricks.”

“No one wanted her presentation to end. The standing ovation was more proof she nailed it. I highly recommend Nancy Friedman -you will not be disappointed!”

“Nancy! You are an absolute talent! Great impact on the team around client experience. AWESOME! If you want to improve customer service and phone skills……CALL HER!”

“You blew everyone away with your presentation. Having you as our keynote speaker was the best decision we could have made for our convention.”

“FBA gave her a standing ovation. She deserved it! It was a WOW! Nancy’s presentation was an interactive, comedy exchange filled with golden nuggets of learning. Nancy, you are the best, most entertaining speaker I can remember ever hearing.”

“You are an amazing speaker! We learned so much information to bring back to our stores. Thank you so, so much for coming to our conference!”

“Nancy has presented twice at NSSF at the SHOT Show University and both times hit a home run. She will be back!”

“The only way to describe Nancy Friedman’s program is: ‘Fantastic.’ She actively engages her audience with an interactive, humorous presentation. Her programs are insightful, witty, fun and impactful.”

“Nancy, you did an unbelievable job and really had an impact on the whole company!”

“Thank you for two wonderful presentations at NTA. I found them to be some  of the most beneficial of the week.”

“The NINAWC audience did not want Nancy’s session to end!”

“I could have listened to Nancy all day! Fun, relevant & fantastic program.”

“I had high expectations for Nancy’s program and after the 90 minutes my expectations were not only ‘met’ but SURPASSED.”

“I’ve been coming to ISSA for 3 years and have been to many programs, Nancy’s was the best I’ve ever seen.”

“Nancy is an absolute dynamo when it comes to capturing an audience and giving them true nuggets of customer service wisdom receive for their session.”

“You are amazing. Thank you so much for your words and funniness at SITE ONE – loved it! I took a great deal from it as leadership is my passion!”

“I’ve been in sales for thirty years; you sure opened my eyes on several topics. Thank you for sharing your afternoon with us.”

“Thank you for being the best, most relevant speaker at the convention.  Your session was one we all agreed moved us the most. Nancy is one of the BEST professional speakers I have ever heard.”

“Employees were buzzing about Nancy for days! She delivers information that applies to everyone at some point in their career or personal life. EVERYONE can benefit from Nancy.”

“Our Vistage members are accustomed to the best speakers from across the U.S. and Nancy did not disappoint. Great content and delightful delivery. If you’re looking for a sales and customer service edge, Nancy will give it to you!”

“I learned, laughed, and loved every word. You are a blessing and a gift to the world. Thank you!”

“Nancy nailed it with takeaways they could use IMMEDIATELY.”

“It was an awesome day and your presentation was great! Thank you for sharing such valuable nuggets!”

“You are an amazing presenter. I have never seen anyone with your energy, your comedic timing, and mastery of the topic at hand. Thank you.”

“I have attended multiple conferences and nothing compares to the Telephone Doctor – Nancy Friedman. If anyone needs customer service training or communication building skills, Nancy is your girl! Thank you for a night of lifelong lessons and for a new-found friendship!”

“We can’t thank you enough. You were tremendous! Thanks for sharing your wisdom, humor, and laugher! You are the best! Keep having fun.”

“I took away so many things to implement at my center. I just wish the talk was longer! Your presentation was fantastic and fun…you left us all reevaluating how to approach our clients to improve our customer service experience.”

“I was at the Pest Pac conference and you are amazing. You are an inspiration and we couldn’t get enough of your keynote program. Thank you for sharing your wonder gift with us.”

“Please have Nancy back for every conference.”

“As our keynote speaker, Nancy, did not disappoint. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any organization seeking a dynamic, fun, knowledgeable speaker who will make an impact while providing true nuggets of wisdom.”

“As a 2-time speaker at our Sales Boot Camp, Nancy’s program really rang the bell with our audience. Her from-the-heart message was so in tune with the entire conference. Two standing ovations and the only female speaker ever.”

“Nancy was the best of the weekend. Session should have been twice as long.”

“Nancy nailed it. The entire group related to her golden nuggets.”

“I’ve been Executive Director for 23 years and Nancy was one of the best Keynotes ever.”

“Spectacular!  Simply put, Nancy is an extraordinary keynote speaker.”

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