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“Every Franchisor needs to have her at their convention. Powerful stuff and take home content – Mark Liston Retired/President, Glass Doctor”

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An hour fun-filled customized program for you and your team.
Nancy uses the Kaizen method of training, which translates to a proven way of training using “little pieces of information for better and continuous training.”
Each Golden Nugget is chosen by the client pre-program to make it a customized program all based on customer service, sales and communication skills. No one gets picked on, challenged or spoken down to.
A few examples of Golden Nuggets:

  • What’s the number one skill in customer service and sales?
  • What are the four useless words you say every day?
  • What’s the difference between attitude and mood?
  • How to be a great double checker!

Prizes and surprises keep the session fun.
Your team will walk away, inspired, happy, energized, and ready to use the Golden Nuggets on the customers, friends, coworkers, and family members.
BONUS: A follow up list of all the Golden Nuggets used in the session is provided with a one-line reminder of each nugget used.
Please join the dozen of happy, satisfied Telephone Doctor/Service Skills clients that have given rave reviews to our golden nuggets program.

Visit my YouTube Channel for examples of my previous programs.

Laugh and Learn Skills
that Last a Lifetime

Nancy is an expert on customer service, communication skills and sales. She is a sought-after keynote customer service speaker at annual conferences, franchise and corporate meetings – both large and small. Her programs are inspiring, motivational and entertaining (See testimonials) creating a memorable session all attendees can use immediately and forever. Fun, distinctive, fast paced, and energy filled, this customer service speaker’s fast wit and laugh-out-loud audience participation has everyone wanting more. Labeled a “don’t miss” session, Nancy always delivers the ‘goods.’

Audiences laugh and learn from the Customer Service Expert

Get valuable content while being entertained

Motivating, inspiring, content driven

Named by Meeting & Conventions Magazine as favorite speaker

Customer service, communications skills, sales are her passion

Telephone Etiquette/Skills - our specialty

Communications for face to face situations

External and Internal Customer Service

Sales for the seasoned or the beginner

Happy Audience

Your teams will laugh while they learn

Dynamic and Entertaining

Nancy works within the entire audience – no podium no PowerPoint®

Motivating and Heart-Felt

Nancy’s passion motivates everyone to join her in the fun


A customer service program delivering real life tools that you can use immediately and forever

Choose from our Most Popular and Requested Customer Service Keynote or Workshop Programs

1. Golden Nuggets of Customer Service and Sales.

FACT: You get less than 20 seconds when a customer walks into your store or calls to ask a question to make an impression that will result in a sale or a missed opportunity. Are your frontline employees up to the task?


2. Hell Hath No Fury Like a Customer Scorned - Featuring the Five Forbidden Phrases

The Five Forbidden Phrases of Customer Service are the surest way to immediately irritate and frustrate your customers. Learn how to get your customers swearing BY you, not AT you!


3. How To Be an Island of Excellence in an Ocean of Mediocrity

This session begins with an eye-opening, 10-point self-assessment quiz. Pinpoint the gap and learn the service and sales tools you can use to immediately improve the service provided to your customers.


4. Seven Traits of Being Successful

How do you handle growth and change? How about a setback or a problem? Learn the leadership skills you need to be successful in today’s shifting company environments.

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5. Sales & Communication Skills from A – Z

Learn the language of sales from Nancy Friedman, an expert in capturing and navigating the customer contact from lead to sale. From soup to nuts, front to back, and A to Z, this dynamic and interactive sales program is bursting with tips, skills and techniques you’ll use forever.

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News, Media and Books

Customer Service Books

  • Customer Service (finally) Defined
  • Hidden Gems: Build Customer Relationships and Close More Sales
  • 50 Tips the Make a BIG Difference
  • 54 Gold Nuggets
  • Customer Service Nightmares!
  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • How to Get Your Customers Swearing BY You, Not AT You


“You crushed it as our keynote speaker this year, Nancy!! Our Franchise Partners are still laughing – can’t thank you enough. They LOVED you.”

“Nancy, listening to you was amazing, inspirational and mind blowing! I could have listened to you for hours!”

“You are an amazing presenter. I have never seen anyone with your energy your comedic timing and mastery of the topic at hand.”

“Our franchisees loved her. Nancy gives so much relevant information in a fun and entertaining way. It was the  best decision we could have made for our convention.

“Two years in a row; two standing o’s and the only Female speaker ever at our Sales Boot Camp – Nancy rang the bell with her heart felt message so in tune with our audience.”

More business is lost to poor service & poor treatment than poor product.

-Nancy Friedman, Customer Service Speaker


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Nancy Friedman

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