We run a pretty good sales team at Telephone Doctor. Several team members have been with us over 15 – 20 years. One even longer. Some have left after 3 weeks. My guess is those that have left, left due to one of these ‘reasons.’ Actually it’s not a guess. One of these reasons is definitely why they left.

Like all lists, it’s not final. There are other reasons, however, I believe you’ll agree this is a good start. Share with your sales team. 

  1. They don’t practice their skills
  2. They’re not flexible
  3. They’re not a team player
  4. They don’t use their sense of humor
  5. They don’t use their imagination
  6. They don’t listen to management
  7. They make no effort
  8. They get too comfortable, too fast
  9. They interrupt too often
  10. They don’t ask enough open-ended questions
  11. They make too many assumptions
  12. They’re not sales minded in all areas
  13. They’re not able to handle corrective criticism
  14. They don’t have enough enthusiasm
  15. They have poor time management skills
  16. They don’t use their Saturday night personality during the week
  17. They don’t have a “Whatever It Takes” mentality
  18. They lose their focus
  19. They’re not able to deal with personality conflicts
  20. They don’t truly believe in their product
  21. They don’t understand rapport building
  22. They don’t understand ongoing customer service
  23. They have too many unqualified leads
  24. They lack confidence
  25. They don’t have long-term commitments
  26. They’re short sighted
  27. Honesty is a problem for them
  28. They don’t do any self-improvement
  29. They refuse to follow scripts – even loosely
  30. They don’t understand this list
  31.  Wanna add your own? 

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