Seniors Have A Life Too

By Nancy Friedman,
Founder, Chairman, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

Not sure at what age some medical offices begin to take advantage of seniors. Not financially, but timewise.

It’s as though the medical profession had deemed a certain age group as “don’t worry about the older person in the waiting room, they have nothing to do.”

Not all, of course, but the experiences with the medical profession I had with my mother made me KEENLY aware of, not deliberately or intentionally, but a definite absence of a certain level of caring about their time.

My mother was a vibrant, active, energetic woman well into her 80’s. She never looked her age; however, they always knew when they checked her into her appointment at the window – thereby dubbing her OLD.

And they kept her waiting long after others who came in after her with later appointments. She wasn’t a big complainer, but Ifelt/saw the frustration level every time. Sometimes hours of waiting. She didn’t drive so I usually went with her on these appointments and saw for myself.

Note to doctor’s offices: You might check with the seniors who check in to see if they have plans after the doctor. My mom usually did. Whether it was a lunch date with friends or cards with the girls or going to Nordstrom’s, she left plenty of extra time for delays in case doctors were busy. However, the amount of waiting time was usually far beyond necessary.

Just saying . . .

Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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