Dear Friends,

Texting is addictive. No doubt about it.

Addictive and can ruin a relationship if you’re not careful. I’m not talking about the message you send. I’m talking about being RUDE. Texting while you’re at dinner with your spouse or the family. Or texting while you’re in a meeting when you’re supposed to be paying attention. Or texting at a stoplight and don’t move until the guy behind you honks angrily at you. BLAST, BLAST, BLAST.

To say nothing about how many accidents they know that are caused because some folks text and drive.

And YES, so many folks text and walk. Not paying any attention where they’re walking or who they’re running into. Especially at the airport. Bumping into folks without even saying excuse me.

Hey I get it. I text. It’s a great communication tool. But I’m much more conscious about it since I did this video. Hope you will be more aware as well.



Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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