There is an infectious condition that may run rampant through your office. It has been brought to our attention that many of you already have this condition, and that everyone is, at least, a carrier. Little is known about the history of the condition, but there is some evidence that it has persisted in humans for thousands of years. The condition is occasionally dormant in some people and in apparent remission. A few people never show symptoms.

Experts indicate that the condition is highly contagious, but not always serious. In fact, for some people it may be beneficial. Statistics regarding the condition are difficult to develop as most cases go unreported.

The condition is most commonly passed by personal contact. You may catch it just by speaking with an infected person. Initial symptoms are so mild that you may not even realize you have been infected. Later, the condition may have more marked effects on you. Scientists also believe that the condition compounds itself, that is, the severity increases with increased exposure.

Experts also report that the condition can be transmitted in other ways. Reading a letter written by an infected person may create symptoms. Several cases have indicated instances where a single individual has infected large numbers of people through written material.

The condition is also commonly passed on by talking on the telephone with an infected person. Experts are not exactly sure how this happens, but symptoms have been observed in people on the phone when no one else is near.

There is no known medical cure. The symptoms can be controlled to some extent, but most people refuse treatment. Interestingly, however, experts have observed numerous cases where a non-infected person has been able to temporarily alleviate all symptoms from an infected person with only minimal contact.

The initial symptoms are evidenced by an upturning of the ends of the mouth, often to the extent of showing one’s teeth. The psychological effects can be very pronounced. The condition is often accompanied by a feeling of warmth (but not a fever) and happiness. People have been known to become almost euphoric during acute episodes. Many infected people can be convinced to do almost anything and most find it difficult to be unkind or rude. The condition is called chronic infectious smilyosis, or more commonly, smiling.

If you encounter someone with this condition, there is little you can do – just smile!



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