By Nancy Friedman, Customer Service Keynote Speaker, President, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

In a recent and very well written Wall Street Journal article with this title by reporter Kate Davidson, she explains Soft Skills can be tough to spot on a resume.

She also says “The combination of soft skills and high grades can attract multiple job offers and premium starting salaries for recent college graduates in technical fields such as computer sciences, accounting and finance.”

As a 30 year SOFT SKILLS training company, we know how valuable the soft skills we share on platform can help all students and graduates, from all levels and all schools. (All are Telephone Doctor techniques.)

The article goes on to say, “While soft skills have always been important tools for managers, now employers are finding them more important than ever before.” (A quote from Paul McDonald, Executive at Robert Half)

“A recent LinkedIn Survey of 291 hiring managers found 58% say the lack of soft skills among candidates is limiting their company’s productivity”, Kate continues.

Davidson interviewed the owner of a small chain of pet boutiques outside of Chicago who says she sees fewer candidates who can hold a conversation, want to interact with people and are eager to excel.

And, here’s something key I found in the article concerning applying for jobs.

The ability to communicate trumped all else, followed by organization, capacity for teamwork, punctuality, critical thinking, social savvy, creativity and adaptability. training platform material crosses all industries and all job titles.

Sadly, the educational facilities are not high on the list.


Budget? Shouldn’t be. It’s not that much of an investment. Truly an investment in life skills. Most high schools, colleges, universities and even grade schools spend more on coffee for the teachers a year than it would cost to train the students.

This is my personal invitation to take a DEMO TOUR of our platform and see the 10 very focused, timely and fun series available for soft skills training.

You can tour alone with an online request or you can set up a personalized guided demo that takes 15-20 minutes along with a ServiceSkills/Telephone Doctor professional. (My suggestion.)

If you’re worried about the communication skills of your staff, students or the young folks who are about to graduate and start looking for a job and needs ‘soft skills,’ it’s as easy as clicking (tell ‘em “Nancy sent you”).


Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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