By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, Customer Service Expert, President of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training


One article says chewing gum gives you wrinkles – another one says it won’t. Go figure.

You have bad breath you say? Here’s a wild thought. Brush your teeth!

Chewing GUM in public, especially with clients, can be summed up with the Ann Landers poem I found a while back:

“A gum chewing girl and a cud chewing cow,

They booth look alike, but there’s a difference somehow,

Ah yes, I have it now.

It’s the thoughtful look on the face of the cow.”

Sorry, but the only things that should be in your mouth when talking with a client (or anyone) is your tongue and your teeth. AMEN. (Chew gum in private.)

Why will it ruin a relationship? How can it? 

Have you ever looked in the mirror to see how you chew gum? It’s not normally very pretty. I’m not alone. When surveying my audiences, this is a HIGH priority. No gum in front of clients. Aggggg.

Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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