By Nancy Friedman, Founder, President, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training, Customer Service Keynote Speaker

Whether you fly a lot or a little, you probably have a few pet peeves.

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They can be about the aircraft itself.

The flight attendants.

It could be about other travelers.

Or it could be about kids on a flight sitting behind you whose parents don’t care that the kid is kicking your seat or pounding the drop down table 1150 times.

That’s mine. The KID sitting behind me.

And sadly, the ‘don’t kick’ warning by mom seldom works.

You know what works? Me.

I stand up in my seat, bend over, towering over both mom and the 2 year old, and I say as nicely as I can and as firmly as I can. “DO NOT KICK THE BACK OF MY CHAIR. Thank you.”

it’s one of the only times I don’t use please. I do say thank you. The 2 year old doesn’t quite understand please just yet and like a puppy, they do understand TONE OF VOICE.  But like a puppy, they respond well to ‘good job’ and thank you.

Those who know me know I’m not a mean person. But how a mother can sit back and play on her phone or read a book and not notice the child disturbing passengers is beyond me.

The crying baby behind or in front of me is just bad luck seating. I have traveled with kids and know the ear problems on taking off and landing.

Note to mom: Keep a bottle of milk or water to help them; cuddle them; whatever it takes to help the child not scream. Crying is part of a child’s process. Like a puppy barking, we know how to fix that.

What’s your pet peeve on a flight?  Let’s hear from you.

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Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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