By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, President – Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training


I used to work at a major TV station in Chicago and worked with a gentleman who soon became CEO of same. We remained friends until his untimely passing a year or so ago.

Within those years I learned a lot from him and one was the title of this blog.

We were having lunch at the infamous Wrigley Building Restaurant when a competitor came up to talk with him. I watched quietly as the conversation was filled with handshakes, smiles and complimentary words.

When the competitor left I said, “Wow, that was odd. You were so kind and nice; and I know he’s not one of your favorites.”  

“Right,” he said, “but he’ll never  know it.”

Then I saw a sign on my daughters Facebook page with those words on it, talking about the BULLY PROJECT. 

I thought, I’m gonna take that to heart. There’s no reason to be mean to someone just because I don’t care for them. They hadn’t hurt me or my family.  Merely an irritant to me. Could I ignore that and them & be a little kinder to them?

I tried it and it’s working. So at this wonderful time of the year I say to you:

BE A LITTLE KINDER THAN YOU HAVE TO – to everyone. It will do you a world of good. Start now. . . let’s do it all year round!

Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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