By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker – Customer Service, Communications, Sales. President, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

Unless you live under a rock, you’re seeing a lot about “being nice” on social media and other places.

So, I’m starting a club. I need members and the BEST NICE will win a I AM NICE mug. What else will you get from the BE NICE club? A lot of self-satisfaction, good feelings and in many cases a smile.

To be a member, you only need to do something ‘nice’ for/to someone.

Let me give you things I do that I feel are “NICE” things to do and then I’d like to hear from you on what you’re doing to be ‘nice’ to people. The best NICE wins the mug.


*    Waiting in line with a lot in your basket? Let the person behind you who only has 1 or 2 items go in front of you.

*    Holding a door for anyone is always ‘nice.’

*    See a mom or dad with 1 or 2 kids in the car behind you at the drive thru? Pay for them when you go through first or order a round of soda on you as you go first.

*    See one of our fine military folks eating alone? See if they might enjoy company. (Or even pay for their meal – unannounced.)

*    Send your mom flowers on YOUR birthday.

*    Tell the little old lady in the mall who got all dressed up to go there how nice she looks.

*    Pay someone a sincere compliment.

*    Bring a box of candy when invited to dinner. Doesn’t need to be “Godiva.”

*    Hand write (do you remember how????) a note to a family member you might not have talked with for a while. Or anyone you’ve not been around for a while. All appreciated.

*    A phone call out of the blue to say: “Hi, you’ve been on my mind and wanted to stop and say hello.” Always NICE.

*    Belated birthday cards are always a ‘nice’ thing to do.

*    Someone trying to get in front of you in the traffic? BE NICE – let them in line.

My list is longer than I care to write, and besides … I’m looking forward to hearing from you on what you did nice or even if you were the recipient of a nice gesture, so we can sign you up as a BE NICE member.

Send me a NICE tip, something you do that’s nice, and the BEST NICE wins the MUG! Contest ends January 31, 2018.


Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

Communication and customer service expert Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor, founder and chairman of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training, is back in the saddle again. Well, back into live onsite programs, and still offering her ZOOM programs, in a cost saving manner. Whichever you choose, onsite or Zoom, you’ll be glad you did. The reviews are excellent, and audiences have loudly applauded her in either area. Sales, customer service and communication skills are her area of expertise, and she welcomes calls, texts, or emails. You can reach her directly at; through the website at, where you can sign up for her newsletters; or call/text directly at 314-276-1012 central time. Bring it on. Whether you need a keynote speaker or workshop/breakout speaker on customer service and communication skills, you’ll make a great choice.