Do you know the innocent words and phrases, commonly used, not normally noticed, yet can do great harm to your business?

These are only three of the many phrases that can, and will, sabotage your business. And there are definite positive alternatives.

Said innocently, but packing a huge negative image, it might be wise to have your team not use them.

Watch this one minute video to help your business.

More where those came from. Stay tuned.

Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

While temporarily halting her ‘travel’ onsite programs, Nancy has been thriving and having fun with her popular ZOOM programs at meetings and conferences through the past year. Like they say, “Ya can’t hold a good gal down.” Nancy’s ZOOM programs are interactive, fun and downright laugh out loud. If you need a COVID RX shot and want your folks to laugh and learn, book a 30 minute or 1 hour session with Nancy. Audiences have applauded her GOLDEN NUGGETS program on Zoom with high accolades. Sure, she hopes to be back on the road with her clients soon. But until then, these sessions haven’t let anyone down. Corporate or franchise, large or small groups, let Nancy know if you’re interested. CALL 314-291-1012 (she’s central time, St Louis, MO) or email her directly