Yes, selling to women is different. These tips came from surveys in my programs from the women themselves. If you pay attention to the needs – you’ll see a difference and it could mean more business.

Women control a lot of the business decisions. Often behind the scenes as well as up front.

Ask a few women if they’ve been ignored when going with their husband/partner/etc. and you’ll see the reaction. It’s fairly common. We’re fairly easy to please. Check out a few of the things we value.

  1. Eye contact. Not staring, a few glances to the eye, vs. watching what’s going on around you, will work.
  2. A firm handshake. This is a biggie. We DO NOT like the loose fish type handshake where you hold on to 3 fingers. On the other hand, no need to break our bones either. We like a firm handshake.
  3. Sympathy. An understanding you LISTEN. Sometimes you ‘hear,’ but you don’t listen. Empathy ONLY if you, too, have been in our shoes. And that’s real doubtful. You cannot really ‘understand’ something you’ve not experienced yourself. More on this later. It’s a biggy.
  4. A compliment. Don’t hit on us; however, there is not a woman alive that won’t react positively to a kind, gentle comment. Something like: “Good color on you,” “That’s a great looking watch you’ve got.” A generic, kind comment. It’s soooo easy.
  5. A smile. This is really number 1, We left this to the last, so you’ll remember it. As a woman, we are taught at a very young age to smile. We used it on our DADDY most of the time. We enjoy being smiled at. Not being hit on, not an idiot grin, just a nice enjoyable smile. It’s so important in sales. Really, anywhere.

Ladies, let’s hear from you… what else shall we add to this list?

Thank you.

Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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