Nancy, How do you motivate employees, or even yourself, to give better Customer Service?

Well, as most of us know, it’s difficult to motivate someone else. We are only in charge of ourselves. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving employees a little nudge in the right direction. Some of it will stick. These are 5 motivating tips to help you along. Share away.

  1. Ask for help. It’s OK to do that. If you’re in customer service (and aren’t we all), there’s an abundance of information available to you. Ask your management if they can suggest anything you can read, watch, or listen to about your industry. In the small chance they don’t know of any (and I’d be surprised if they didn’t), check out the library, ask a co-worker, check the Internet. Take the initiative yourself. One of the most effective customer service tips is JOB KNOWLEDGE. It’s difficult to be motivated if you don’t understand your job.
  2. Stay positive. OK, that’s really easy to say and tell someone to do. But in reality, after you’ve been dumped on by someone or something’s gone wrong in your life, it’s not that easy. Sometimes when the stuff hits the fan we become all consumed in the negative. Staying positive is a choice. It’s your You are in charge of whether you feel positive or negative.When negative thoughts come into your head, STOP! Right, immediately stop what you’re doing and replace it with something positive. It can be done. PMA (positive mental attitude) is one of the keys to motivating yourself. And others. Stay with positive people. Many years ago I personally made it a point to stay away from negative people. It’s too hot…it’s too cold…I’m too tall…I’m too thin…yada, yada, yada. Removing yourself from negative situations is a big start. Negativity is contagious, but so is being positive.
  3. Say something nice to a stranger. Every day I find at least one person I pass in the store, see at the gym, at the airport, anywhere I can, and say one nice thing to them. It’s amazing how good it makes them feel and you know what? It makes you feel good too. Try it! It boosts your self-image and makes the other person’s day too. Yesterday, a stranger came up to me and told me how nice my outfit looked. It perked me up. It goes both ways. A few months ago, I passed an elderly lady. She had a big hat on, a bit too much makeup, dressed to the hilt and a big smile as she walked down the street. I stopped her and told her how beautiful she looked. Her smile got wider and her eyes sparkled with thanks. I felt good and I know she did too.
  4. A phony smile is better than a real frown. That’s a Telephone Doctor special. There are definitely days when we feel less than motivated. But when I put on that smile, whether I want to or not, somehow I always start feeling better. You will too.
  5. Give thanks. The old saying your mother probably told you, “It could always be worse” is so true. Remember that other saying, “I cried because I had no shoes; then I saw a man who had no feet.” It can always be worse. Be grateful for what you have.

Once you take on these tips – my bet is you’ll start to feel motivated to do more and you’ll share them with your staff. Good luck.

Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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