By Nancy Friedman, Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker, President, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

Need your help. Short, sweet and to the point.

We all have tons of ideas, tips, and techniques on giving great customer service. We know what great customer service is.

I want to hear from you and find out what you feel makes a BAD customer service experience.

It can run from not returning a phone call, to the wrong tone of voice, to simply knowing the person helping you is just not that interested in you at all.

What frustrates you? Why? Time to vent.

I’ll report back to you with a list you can share with your folks. I’ll start.

A few things that constitutes a bad service experience for me is a ‘sour puss face.’ That turns me off immediately. It’s not the only thing, but it sure make it unpleasant.

Also just nodding your head and not talking with me. This also creates a bad customer service experience for me. I’ve got more for sure, but wanted to get the ball rolling.

What’s your “BAD?”


Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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