By Nancy Friedman, Keynote Speaker, Customer Service, Communication Expert, President of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training


As an admitted A.D.D., I’ve always wanted to do an article like this; sharing thoughts that randomly come into my mind. Some are business thoughts and some are personal. Enjoy.


1.     I have a hard time with the person who says, “Oh, ok” when I’ve just logged a complaint. It’s as though they didn’t hear me. That’s not the right thing to say when I’m not a happy camper.


2.     Don’t you cringe when you let someone in front of you in traffic and they don’t wave a thank you?


3.     Forrest Tucker (of F Troop, for those who remember), once told me, “Some folks get overcome with the smell of their own perfume.” Great statement when you realize what he meant.


4.     Why does the nurse say, “The doctor will be right with you” and then they don’t show up for 45 minutes.


5.     How about the person who takes the last cup of coffee from the pot and doesn’t make more?


6.     Ever wonder why some folks aren’t able to laugh at themselves?


7.     Someone once told me, “Grow old with your audience.” So I update my press picture every 2 years. Makes a big difference.


8.     It bothers me a lot when a customer service rep “reads” their message. All it takes to personalize it, and have it sound more natural, is a few rehearsals. It would make a big difference to everyone.


9.     Most people aren’t aware you’re not married to the voice that came with your automated attendant. You can do it yourself or bring in a fun/professional voice. We find that it’s not always the A.A that’s the problem; it’s the blah, blah voice they object to.


10.   And speaking of automated attendants, are you as frustrated as I am with the “voice recognition” machines? OMG! They seldom recognize what I’m saying.


11.   I personally don’t believe there is a generational issue out there.


12.   Am I the only one who thinks Jay Leno gained weight?


13.   When I have trouble on the phone with an accent from another country, what I tell them is a far cry from what I’m actually thinking. (The old “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”)


14.   I can’t get my teeth cleaned at the dentist without the gas that puts me out.


15.   Why do people put: “I’ll call you back as soon as possible” on their voice mail message and then don’t?


16.   If chocolate only came in milk chocolate I’d be so thin.


17.   Am I the only one who dislikes it when the person helping me on the phone (or in person) is chomping on gum?


18.   When you call to sell me something, why don’t you ever ask if it’s an OK time to talk?


19.   When my mate/partner/whatever tells me I look “fine,” why doesn’t that sound good enough?


20.   Why don’t people know the difference between their, there & they’re and you’re and your?


21.   Why don’t some people wash their hands when leaving the restroom? Don’t you just want to yell out, “Hey you, come back; you forgot to wash your hands!”


22.   I wonder why owners and managers don’t call their own companies to see how their customers are handled.


23.   Men Only: What’s with the not asking for directions? Who started that one? That’s sad. You’d get there twice as fast if you’d ask.


24.   Why do they ask, “Can I take a message” and you say, “Yes” and start talking and they say, “Wait, I gotta get a pencil.” Duh!


25.   Common sense isn’t so common.


26.   Why don’t people send handwritten thank you notes anymore?


27.   How come no one ever thinks ‘they’ are rude?


28.   Why don’t you leave your phone number TWICE and SLOWLY on voice mail instead of rattling through it?


29.   Are you noticing it’s not just the kids who walk and text and don’t look where they’re going? The big folks are just as guilty.


 OK – that’s enough for now. I’d enjoy hearing your random thought? Send it to me at

Nancy Friedman

Nancy Friedman

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